Circle to Search Coming to Other Android Phones in October: Exclusive Announcement from Samsung and Google!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Samsung has announced that its new feature, Circle to Search, will be available on other Android phones starting in October. This feature, which was initially exclusive to Galaxy and Pixel phones, is set to expand its availability to other Android devices later this year.

The delayed release of the feature until September is believed to be a strategic move to build hype and exclusivity for upcoming Google and Samsung launches. This includes the anticipated releases of the Pixel 8a and the Galaxy Z Fold 6 / Z Flip 6.

According to Samsung Netherlands, the Galaxy S24 series has broken sales records in the country. The company also revealed that the Circle to Search feature, which was previously exclusive to Samsung and Google devices, will now be offered to other Android phones by October of this year.

Google had introduced this feature, along with other AI tricks, on the same day that Samsung announced the Galaxy S24 series. Owners of the latest Samsung flagship series and the Google Pixel 8 lineup will be able to easily search without leaving their apps, thanks to the Circle to Search feature.

This new function allows users to perform searches with a simple circle gesture on the screen, eliminating the need to manually navigate to the search tab. While it is expected to eventually be available on other Android devices, for the majority of the year, it will remain exclusive to Galaxy and Pixel phones.

The decision to hold back the release of Circle to Search on other devices until September has sparked speculation that this move is intended to generate anticipation for the upcoming Google and Samsung launches. The exclusivity of this feature is likely to be a selling point for the rumored Pixel 8a and the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6.

Despite the convenience and speed of the Circle to Search feature, it is disappointing that it will take some time before it becomes available on other Android devices. This move indicates a deliberate attempt to create anticipation and a sense of exclusivity for upcoming flagship launches from both Samsung and Google.