CNN CEO Mark Thompson Announces Layoffs for Digital Expansion Plan – Read Full Memo Here!

Atlanta, Georgia – CNN is undergoing significant changes as CEO Mark Thompson unveils plans to reorganize the cable news channel to prioritize its digital ventures. In a memo to staff, Thompson detailed his vision for expanding CNN’s digital presence, including the launch of subscription services, a focus on video content, and an emphasis on AI technologies.

As part of the reorganization, CNN anticipates cutting around 100 positions, amounting to nearly 3% of its workforce. Thompson emphasized that the company is aiming to eliminate open roles rather than targeting current employees, though some staff members will face job cuts or at-risk positions.

Thompson, who took over as CEO last year, is reshaping CNN to embrace a more digital-centric approach. The company is set to introduce new digital products, with an emphasis on video-based storytelling to better reflect CNN’s strengths in visual journalism.

In addition to the digital transformation, CNN is also revamping its TV operations. Thompson announced the creation of a TV Futures Lab, led by Eric Sherling, to explore innovative ways to enhance the linear news experience in digital environments. Charlie Moore, overseeing primetime programming, is working to strengthen CNN’s domestic primetime offerings.

The culture within CNN is also undergoing changes, with a focus on promoting transparency, empowering employees, fostering continuous growth and learning, championing diversity and inclusion, and supporting the well-being of staff members. Thompson acknowledged the cultural challenges within the organization and emphasized the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Despite the positive strides towards digital innovation and cultural transformation, CNN is also facing staff reductions. While new roles and opportunities are being created, approximately 100 positions are expected to be affected. The company is committed to supporting impacted employees with severance packages, career counseling, and job placement assistance.

Thompson’s memo outlines a comprehensive strategy to position CNN for success in the rapidly evolving media landscape. With a focus on digital expansion, enhanced TV operations, cultural improvement, and job realignment, CNN aims to adapt and innovate to meet the challenges and opportunities of the modern media industry.