College student brutally assaulted by a stranger, police search for her attacker

MADISON, WI- Authorities are urging the public to come forward with any surveillance footage following a horrifying assault on a University of Wisconsin-Madison student. The victim, a woman in her 20s, was discovered severely beaten off-campus in downtown Madison early Sunday morning. Police have described the incident as a physical and sexual assault, with the perpetrator believed to be a stranger. As the investigation continues, law enforcement is appealing to residents within a four-block radius of the crime scene to submit any relevant surveillance footage, including footage from vehicles like Teslas.

The Madison Police Department received a distress call from a resident in the area who discovered the victim in critical condition. Despite the severity of her injuries, the victim is expected to survive. No arrests have been made thus far, but authorities have assured the public that they are making significant progress in the case. Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes emphasized the department’s commitment to bringing the perpetrator to justice, allocating a full complement of resources to the investigation.

In an update on Tuesday, Madison police urged residents who may have been away over the holiday weekend to provide any surveillance video they may have. The department has already collected physical, digital, and biological evidence but is still in need of additional footage from the vicinity of the incident. Increased patrols have been deployed in the area, and authorities are urging the community to remain vigilant.

The attack has left students and residents in the area shaken. Azza Bayoudh, a student at the University of Wisconsin, expressed her fear and concern, stating that the incident hit close to home. As a precautionary measure, she and her peers have taken steps to secure their residences. The university is working closely with law enforcement during the investigation, offering support to the victim and her family.