Controversial: Katy Perry Faces Backlash for Working with Dr. Luke on New Album 143

Los Angeles, California – Pop star Katy Perry recently unveiled details about her upcoming album, titled “143,” which is set to be released on September 20 via Capitol Records. The album’s title is a nod to the Nineties pager code for “I love you.”

According to sources, Perry has collaborated with familiar faces for this project, including hit-making producers Stargate, Max Martin, and the controversial figure, Dr. Luke. The latter’s involvement has sparked controversy due to his past legal battle with singer Kesha.

In 2023, Kesha and Dr. Luke settled a prolonged legal dispute, with Kesha initially accusing him of drugging and raping her after a 2005 party. The legal battle involved testimonies from various individuals, including Perry, who denied allegations of assault by Dr. Luke in a deposition.

Despite the settlement between Kesha and Dr. Luke, fans have expressed disappointment with Perry’s decision to collaborate with the producer. Many took to social media to share their discontent, citing their refusal to support music involving Dr. Luke due to the allegations against him.

Critics have pointed out the contradictory nature of Perry’s feminist anthem, “Woman’s World,” which was co-written and produced by men, including Dr. Luke. This further fueled the debate surrounding Perry’s association with the producer.

The controversy surrounding Perry’s collaboration with Dr. Luke continues to stir conversations online, with fans and critics alike expressing their thoughts on social media platforms. The decision to work with Dr. Luke has raised questions about Perry’s alignment with key issues in the music industry.

As discussions surrounding Perry’s upcoming album and her partnership with Dr. Luke persist, it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact the reception of her new music among fans and the wider music community.