Controversial Poonam Pandey’s Fake Death Stunt; Kangana and Mandira Demand Boycott

Mumbai, India – Several celebrities are speaking out against actor-model Poonam Pandey after she reappeared on social media the day after her team announced her supposed death from cervical cancer. This move has sparked criticism from individuals such as Kangana Ranaut, Bipasha Basu, Mandira Bedi, and Mini Mathur. The fake death stunt has been called “pathetic” and “cheap” by various personalities in the entertainment industry, with many expressing shock and disgust at the misleading publicity campaign.

Kangana Ranaut, known for her outspoken nature, reacted to the incident by emphasizing the insensitivity and harm caused by Poonam’s actions. Similarly, Bipasha Basu called the behavior “beyond pathetic” and expressed disappointment in the individual responsible for such a distasteful stunt. Other celebrities, including Mandira Bedi and Mini Mathur, also condemned Poonam’s actions, highlighting the lack of research and sensitivity shown in the misleading campaign.

This controversial incident has raised questions about the responsibility of influencers and the importance of choosing ambassadors carefully for campaigns. Mini Mathur criticized the selection of Poonam Pandey as an ambassador for HPV vaccine awareness, questioning the decision given Poonam’s controversial past. Additionally, the incident has sparked a conversation about the impact of social media and the need for more thoughtful and responsible content from public figures in influential roles.

Furthermore, Ashoke Pandit has demanded legal action against Poonam Pandey for spreading false information and causing emotional distress to the public and the entertainment industry. This incident has revealed the potential consequences of using deceptive tactics for publicity and has prompted discussions about the ethical considerations in promotional campaigns within the entertainment industry.