Fugitive found hiding in false wall after years on the run for disturbing charges

A woman who had been evading law enforcement for years, even convincing some of her family members that she was dead, was recently discovered hiding in a false wall in a Colorado home. Martha Crouch, 58, faced serious allegations of child abuse and extreme cruelty to animals in 2019. She was accused of boiling four puppies alive, forcing her children to witness their slow deaths, and even shooting a child’s dog as punishment. After taking a plea deal for attempted child abuse, Crouch violated her probation which led to her arrest warrant.

The revelation came after Timothy Crouch, Martha’s husband, passed away in front of their residence in Walsenburg, Colorado. Following his death, one of the adult Crouch children informed law enforcement that their siblings were being abused and that children with special needs were under their father’s care. This raised suspicions as Martha Crouch had a previous conviction for child abuse and was wanted on a probation violation warrant in New Mexico.

Huerfano County sheriff’s deputies returned to the Crouch residence with a warrant and were informed by another family member that their mother had died several years ago. Additionally, the family member mentioned that one of their siblings had gone missing around three years ago. Acting on a tip from a neighbor, law enforcement discovered a false wall in the kitchen. Behind it, they found Martha Crouch hiding alongside her 14-year-old daughter, who had been reported missing three years earlier.

Martha Crouch was promptly arrested and now faces additional charges of child abuse and obstructing law enforcement. She is currently detained in the Huerfano County Jail on a $5,000 cash bond. No court date has been set for her case. The investigation into her actions and the wellbeing of her children continues as authorities work to ensure their safety and seek justice for the victims.