Curfew Imposed in Haiti After Gangs Lead Mass Prison Break: Prime Minister Demands Resignation and International Support

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – The streets of Haiti’s capital are under a strict nighttime curfew following a chaotic prison break orchestrated by armed gangs. The groups behind the mass escape are now demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who is currently seeking international support for a U.N.-backed security force for the country.

The 72-hour state of emergency imposed over the weekend stems from a violent attack on the National Penitentiary, enabling thousands of prisoners to flee. Finance Minister Patrick Boivert has pointed fingers at Haitian gangs for a series of criminal activities, including kidnappings, assassinations, and attacks on prisons.

In response to the escalating violence, law enforcement has been instructed to enforce the nightly curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. Boivert emphasized the importance of apprehending all offenders to restore order in the country.

Former police officer-turned-gang leader, Jimmy Chérizier, also known as “Barbecue,” has urged criminal factions in Haiti to unite against the current administration. The influence of gangs like Chérizier’s G9 Family and Allies alliance has grown significantly, with reports indicating they control up to 80% of Port-au-Prince.

Despite the chaos and instability, Prime Minister Henry has remained committed to his mission of securing international support for a U.N.-backed security force. Recent developments, including a failed agreement with Kenya to send police officers to Haiti, have complicated the situation further.

Amid the political turmoil, Henry continues to emphasize the need for democratic governance and the importance of holding general elections to stabilize the country. However, the implementation of such plans remains uncertain due to ongoing security concerns and the dominance of criminal groups.

While the U.S. has refrained from committing troops to an international force in Haiti, it has issued a security alert urging American citizens to leave the country due to the escalating violence. The State Department is closely monitoring the situation and condemning the efforts of gangs to seize control.

Despite challenges, efforts are being made to restore stability in Haiti, with organizations like Digicel working to repair infrastructure damaged during the recent clashes. The determination of technicians to overcome precarious conditions highlights the resilience of the Haitian people in the face of adversity.