Customize Your Look in Dragon Age: The Veilguard with Tons of Armor, Weapon, and Transmog Options!

San Francisco, California –

A deep dive into the latest installment of the popular Dragon Age series reveals a plethora of customization options available to players. The character creator alone offers hundreds of choices to tailor aspects such as hair, body type, facial features of the protagonist Rook, and more. The game also presents a wide array of armor options for players to explore and utilize throughout their gameplay experience.

In Dragon Age, companions have access to various slots for armor, rings, accessories, and weapons. Meanwhile, the playable character, Rook, enjoys even more customization with slots for a helmet, two weapons, a belt, an amulet, and two rings. Surprisingly, the belt plays a significant role in Rook’s abilities, affecting the potency of healing potions. Higher-quality belts can even trigger additional effects like momentary invulnerability, adding strategic depth to gameplay.

Game director Corinne Busche shared insights into the character creation process, noting that aspirational armors may only become relevant for Rook in the “mid-to-late game.” Players can also preview Rook’s starting gear and casual wear in the creator, offering a glimpse into the character’s appearance in different scenarios. The unique gear in the game is tailored to each character, ensuring that armor pieces for one class cannot be used interchangeably with another.

During a playthrough at BioWare’s Edmonton office, Busche demonstrated the variety of armor available in the game, which players can collect from chests scattered across different locations. The concept of transmogrification, or “transmog,” allows players to transfer the stats of one armor piece to another, enabling them to retain the visual aesthetic of their preferred gear while benefiting from improved stats.

Transmog in Dragon Age extends beyond Rook to include companion characters, offering players the flexibility to customize the appearance of their entire party. Although the specifics of the game’s transmog system remain undisclosed, the concept provides reassurance to players seeking to maintain a fashionable yet powerful ensemble throughout their adventure in the world of Thedas.