Dad and his mistress executed for throwing toddlers out of high-rise apartment window

CHONGQING, China – A father and his mistress were executed in China after they were found guilty of the premeditated murder of his two young children, according to state media.

Zhang Bo and his lover, Ye Chengchen, were subjected to the final punishment after a review of their case by the Supreme People’s Court, as reported by China Daily, a state-run newspaper. Accordingly, the couple was believed to consider the children an impediment to their illicit relationship, prompting them to orchestrate a staged ‘accident’ in Chongqing in November 2020. The incident culminated in the tragic deaths of Zhang’s two-year-old daughter and one-year-old son, who fell from the 15th story of a residential building.

News agency AFP reported that Ye initiated an affair with Zhang, unaware of his marital status and fatherhood. Upon discovering the truth, she persuaded him to murder the two children, stating they would weigh heavily upon their future plans together. This narrative was highlighted by a statement from the Chongqing No. 5 Intermediate People’s Court.

In December 2021, the court announced a death sentence for both Zhang and Ye. Despite subsequent appeals, the sentence was reinforced on Wednesday, said the China Daily report.

The Supreme People’s Court, in affirming the death penalty, classified the motivations underlying the children’s murder as abominable, thereby warranting maximum legal punishment.