Dad stabs wife and two young kids to death before ending his own life

A horrifying incident unfolded in a New York apartment as a father fatally stabbed his wife and their two young boys before taking his own life. The superintendent of the building and his wife, ages 41 and 40, were found dead alongside their 1-year-old and 3-year-old sons on Monday afternoon. The discovery was made by the wife’s father and another relative, who had become concerned after not hearing from the family since Sunday morning. The police were immediately alerted, and the gruesome scene was uncovered after the relatives drilled out the lock of the apartment.

Upon entering the apartment, first responders found the two children in the living room. Both of the kids had multiple stab wounds, and two knives were found nearby. The woman’s body was discovered in the hallway with her neck deeply cut. The man was found lying on a bed in a bedroom, with a knife beside him. The apartment had been locked from the inside, adding to the mystery surrounding the tragic event. The victims were pronounced dead at the scene, and their identities are being withheld pending notification of their families.

Authorities have revealed that the father had no known criminal history, and there were no records of previous police visits to the family’s apartment. The motive behind this shocking act remains unclear, leaving investigators searching for answers. The tight-knit Upper West Side community has been left in shock and mourning, struggling to comprehend the tragedy that unfolded within their midst.

Neighbors and friends have expressed their disbelief over the loss of the young family. The superintendent’s role in the building had made him a familiar face to many residents, adding to the sense of shock and grief.