Defensive Star Josh Allen Changes Last Name to Hines-Allen – Find Out Why!

Jacksonville, Florida – The star defensive player for the Jacksonville Jaguars has announced a significant change – his last name.

Josh Allen, the two-time Pro Bowl defensive end, has decided to honor his maternal family by changing his last name to Hines-Allen. This change pays tribute to his relatives who have worn the names ‘Hines’ and ‘Hines-Allen’ on their jerseys.

Hines-Allen comes from a family deeply rooted in athletics. His sister, Myisha Hines-Allen, plays in the WNBA for the Washington Mystics. Additionally, both his sisters, Kyra Hines-Allen and LaTorri Hines-Allen, excelled in college basketball. The family legacy also includes Gregory Hines, Josh’s uncle, a former NBA player, and Keith Hines, another uncle who played college basketball as well.

Expressing his pride in carrying on the family legacy, Hines-Allen shared his thoughts on Instagram, stating, “Legacy is forever, and I’m proud to carry that tradition on the back of my jersey, following in the footsteps of my family.”

In a video posted alongside his announcement, Hines-Allen reaffirmed his commitment to excellence, declaring, “My last name has been changed, but I’m still that person. And I will continue to play like it, play even better.”

To celebrate his new name and jersey, the Jaguars will host a jersey exchange event for fans in September. Hines-Allen’s exceptional performance last season, where he recorded a career-best 17.5 sacks, earned him a lucrative five-year contract extension from the Jaguars in April.

The NFL player’s decision to change his name not only reflects his pride in his family history but also serves as a reminder of the influence and support that drives his success on the field, solidifying his place in the team’s legacy.

As Hines-Allen continues to make waves in the NFL, his name change stands as a testament to the power of family, tradition, and excellence in the world of professional sports.