Delayed Italian Fantasy Game ‘Kien’ Finally Released After 22 Years – Playable on Game Boy Advance Hardware!

ROME, ITALY – Crafting a video game requires immense dedication and effort, often leading to unforeseen delays even after completion. For a group of Italian programmers, the journey to finally release their fantasy hack ‘n slasher game, Kien, for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) was a remarkable 22-year odyssey. This achievement marks a potential milestone in the gaming industry as one of the most-delayed games in history.

In 2002, a team of Italian programmers embarked on the development of Kien, innovatively becoming the first company in Italy to commence production on a GBA title. Despite completing the game by 2004, it never made it to store shelves due to financial concerns from its initial publisher. In the midst of changing tides and the lifecycle of the GBA, the studio pivoted to developing educational games to sustain their business.

The resurgence of retro gaming provided a silver lining for the Italian studio, as a new publisher specializing in classic console games, incube8 Games, expressed interest in reviving Kien. Now, after years of waiting, Kien is finally available in cartridge form for enthusiasts to play on original GBA hardware, catering to the nostalgia of many gamers.

The retro gaming industry has seen significant growth in recent years, with a myriad of new consoles designed to play a plethora of classic titles from the past. The accessibility of emulators on platforms like the iPhone has opened up a world of possibilities for gamers seeking a trip down memory lane. Moreover, the renaissance of new games incorporating old-school graphics has contributed to a wave of nostalgia among players of all ages.

For those eager to experience Kien, the opportunity is now at hand as the game can be purchased from incube8 Games’ website for a reasonable price of $60. This long-awaited release serves as a testament to the perseverance and passion of the Italian programmers who diligently worked towards fulfilling their dream of bringing Kien to life on the GBA platform.