Democrats gather for pivotal meetings after Biden’s shaky debate performance – Can he win reelection?

Washington D.C., USA – Congressional Democrats are convening today for critical meetings following President Biden’s recent lackluster debate performance. The meetings come amidst growing concerns within the party about their chances for reelection. House Democrats will gather at 9 a.m. for an all-member caucus meeting at the Democratic National Committee headquarters, while Senate Democrats will hold their weekly policy lunch later in the day.

Lawmakers have been anticipating these meetings as moments where differing opinions will clash, potentially revealing the level of support for Biden within the party. Leading up to Monday, there were mixed signals from lawmakers, with some calling for Biden to step aside, while others pledged their continued support. While only a few have publicly called for his withdrawal, discontent behind the scenes is palpable and could escalate.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer have publicly stood by Biden, working to defuse dissent among party members. Some are concerned about Biden’s ability to defeat Trump and the impact it could have on the upcoming elections. Meanwhile, Biden himself sent a letter reaffirming his commitment to running for reelection.

The debate within the party is evident, with some lawmakers urging Biden to be more forceful and energetic in his campaign efforts. Sen. Patty Murray emphasized the need for a vigorous candidate who can effectively counter Trump’s policies and actions. While some senators have expressed concerns about Biden’s candidacy, others like Sen. Bernie Sanders remain steadfast in their support.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, known as Biden’s loyal supporters, have continued to back his candidacy despite the internal tensions. The discussions among lawmakers highlight the complexity of the situation, with some emphasizing the importance of unity within the party to secure a victory in November.

As the meetings progress, the focus remains on Biden’s ability to lead a successful campaign against Trump. Lawmakers are grappling with the question of whether Biden is the best candidate to take on the incumbent president in the upcoming election. With the future of the Democratic Party at stake, the discussions among Democrats are crucial in determining the path forward leading up to the elections.