Discriminated Four Tops Singer Sues Michigan Hospital for Negligence and Racial Profiling – Shocking Details Inside!

Warren, Michigan – The lead singer of Motown’s iconic Four Tops, Alexander Morris, has filed a lawsuit against a Michigan hospital for alleged racial discrimination. Morris, who is Black and joined the legendary vocal quartet in 2018, visited Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital in Warren, Michigan on April 7, 2023, experiencing symptoms of cardiac distress.

According to the lawsuit filed in the eastern district of Michigan, Morris, 53, was struggling with difficulty breathing and chest pain and was placed on oxygen. However, when he informed a nurse and security guard in the emergency room about his identity as a member of Four Tops and expressed concerns about stalkers and fans, they did not believe him. Instead, a doctor ordered a psychological evaluation for Morris, who was then restrained for over an hour and a half.

The lawsuit accuses the hospital and two staff members of negligence, racial discrimination, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Morris, with a significant history of cardiac disease, including stints and a defibrillator, was ultimately diagnosed with a heart infraction that may necessitate a heart transplant, pneumonia, and suffered three seizures during his hospital stay.

Despite his medical history and symptoms, hospital staff allegedly doubted Morris’ claims of being part of Four Tops. He was subjected to racial profiling and assumed to be mentally ill, leading to a delay in his treatment. It was only after his wife intervened and provided proof of his identity that the hospital staff acknowledged his status as a member of Four Tops and canceled the psychological evaluation.

The lawsuit details how Morris was restrained, had his oxygen removed, and was not provided the necessary medical attention he urgently needed. The ordeal reportedly caused Morris severe mental and psychological suffering, prompting him to seek accountability from the hospital and address racism in healthcare to protect future generations.

In response to the lawsuit, an Ascension Hospital spokesperson stated that they do not tolerate racial discrimination and emphasized their commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of their patients, associates, and the community. The spokesperson refrained from commenting further on the pending litigation. Morris is seeking damages in excess of $75,000 and a trial by jury to address the alleged racial discrimination and violations of his civil rights.