Dismembered body found on New York beach

QUEENS, NY – In a gruesome turn of events, dismembered remains found at Breezy Point Beach in New York City may belong to Ross McDonnell, a missing Irish filmmaker. McDonnell, who was last seen on November 4, has been missing for the past few weeks.

While they were responding to a 911 call on Friday afternoon, police discovered a human torso with legs attached lying in the sand at the beach in Queens. The city medical examiner’s office is set to ascertain the cause of death.

Although the remains are yet to be officially identified, law enforcement sources postulate the likelihood of the body being McDonnell’s, considering certain factors. McDonnell, 44, had left his Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn apartment, reportedly on a bicycle, on the day he went missing. His bike was later found locked at Fort Tilden Beach in Queens, close to where the remains were discovered, according to NBC New York.

With no initial indications of foul play or suicide, the sources speculate that McDonnell might have gone for a swim, got pulled into the current, and unfortunately drowned.

While the investigation is still ongoing, authorities are coordinating with the Irish consulate and are in anticipation of DNA test results. A Dublin native, McDonnell is a celebrated filmmaker and photographer, with an Emmy for cinematography on the Showtime series “The Trade” to his credit.

He was last seen in a black shirt, red pants, and a black backpack. Standing at 5 feet 9 inches, McDonnell weighs around 180 pounds. The NYPD is urging anyone who might have any information about McDonnell’s disappearance to come forward and contact their Crime Stoppers Hotline.