Doctor being sued for allegedly decapitating baby during delivery

A couple in Georgia has filed a lawsuit against a doctor and a hospital, alleging that their baby was decapitated during delivery due to the doctor’s excessive force. The parents, Jessica Ross and Treveon Isaiah Taylor Sr., held a news conference in Atlanta where their attorneys announced the legal action against Dr. Tracey St. Julian and Southern Regional Medical Center. The incident occurred on July 9th at the hospital in Riverdale, Georgia, located about 13 miles south of Atlanta.

During the news conference, attorney Cory Lynch expressed the couple’s devastation. He stated that what should have been a joyous occasion turned into a nightmare, allegedly covered up by Southern Regional Medical Center. The lawsuit accuses Dr. St. Julian of using “ridiculously excessive force” on the baby’s head and neck during delivery. The suit further claims that the doctor delayed a necessary surgical procedure and failed to seek timely assistance when the baby became stuck.

Southern Regional Medical Center released statements expressing its inability to discuss specific patient treatments due to privacy laws. However, the hospital denied the allegations made in the lawsuit and extended its thoughts and prayers to the parents and their care providers. The hospital emphasized its commitment to providing compassionate and quality care to every patient, acknowledging the heartbreaking loss in this case. It also clarified that Dr. St. Julian was not an employee of the hospital and that appropriate actions had been taken in response to the situation.

Dr. Tracey St. Julian is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. She is affiliated with Premier Women’s Obgyn, a healthcare group that offers a range of services, including low- and high-risk obstetric care, infertility treatment, and circumcisions. The website of Premier Women’s Obgyn lists two locations where Dr. St. Julian practices.

The lawsuit filed by the grieving parents seeks justice for the loss of their baby. As the legal proceedings unfold, the grieving parents hope to find closure and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.