Domestic disturbance call ends in fatal shooting

PARKVILLE, MD – A domestic disturbance call ended fatally late Friday night following a police-involved shooting. When Baltimore County officers responded to the alarm around 11:30 p.m. on Maple Avenue, they discovered a dangerous situation, according to official reports.

Baltimore County police Detective Anthony Shelton explained that the 911 call depicted neighbors begging for help. When the first officer arrived, he heard a commotion and distress cries from a woman inside the house, even before he knocked on the door.

Official reports stated that the officers could hear a woman screaming and gunshots emanating from within the house. As they neared the property, officers reported that Arnel Redfern, 52, opened the front door and allegedly opened fire at them. Officers returned fire, which resulted in Redfern’s death, with a handgun found close to the scene.

Maxine Redfern, 48, was also found dead inside the house, with authorities launching a homicide investigation into her death. No officers sustained any injuries during the incident. Police mentioned that this was not the first disturbance call at the house, with a similar incident reported just last month.

Liz Stevens, another neighbor, expressed shock at the incident, stating that the magnitude of such incidents hits home when they occur closer to you. Another neighbor, Gladys Driscoll, reportedly heard the gunfire and was startled by the dangerous exchange.

Body-worn cameras recorded the entire incident. The footage is now part of the Independent Investigations Division of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office’s ongoing inquiry.