Double murder leaves retired judge and wife dead at their home

GEORGETOWN, TX – A ghastly incident unfolded in Georgetown, Texas, as a retired Williamson County judge and his wife were found dead in their house late on the night of January 8. This tragic revelation has led to an investigation helmed by local deputies.

The emergency arose after law enforcement teams received a distressing 911 call. The call reported a shooting at the home owned by Burt Carnes, an esteemed former judge of Williamson County. Responding to the alarming cry for help, deputies discovered the lifeless bodies of Carnes and his spouse.

The ongoing inquiry has already led to the arrest of a suspect connected to the double homicide. Meanwhile, officials have sought to reassure the public by confirming no threat to community safety. They also requested for citizens to minimize disruption in the area during the course of the investigation.

Belonging to an illustrious line of law enforcers, Carnes, the son of an FBI official, had family ties extending to a Texas Ranger, a Border Patrol Agent, and a Wilson County Sheriff.

After an impressive 24-year-long tenure at the 368th District Court, Carnes bowed out from his judicial career in 2013, having earned the reputation of one of the longest-serving judges in county history through his six successful re-elections.

During an interview in 2013, the late judge shared valuable insights about his career choice and the role of a judge. Carnes had leaned into the judicial role over politics, championing the importance of upholding the law and making ethically right decisions within its framework.