Elementary school shooting leaves teacher injured

In the European country of Bosnia, a 13-year-old boy was arrested. He was taken into custody after allegedly shooting and seriously injuring a school teacher.

The victim, Ismet Osmanovic, also worked as the assistant headmaster of Lukavac Elementary School in a northeastern Bosnian town. After the shooting, Osmanovic was rushed to a hospital for surgery.

Details about the young shooter’s motives are unknown. However, local sources confirmed that he was dismissed from school earlier in the school year because of his disruptive behavior.

Ahmet Omerovic, the Education Minister of the Tuzla Canton, claims that the alleged shooter was a former student of school. The boy was then transferred to another institution mid-semester as part of disciplinary action.

Reports also surfaced that previous threats had been issued by the expelled student. This led to a meeting with his parents to address the situation.