“Embarrassing” Micah Parsons Finally Addresses Cowboys’ Playoff Loss – NBC Sports

Arlington, TX – After 17 days, Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys has finally addressed their “embarrassing” playoff loss. Parsons hopes that the team will acquire the missing players they need for the upcoming season.

Reflecting on the playoff loss to the Packers, Parsons described the defeat as “completely embarrassing, unacceptable.” The linebacker also sent a message to the Cowboys following Jerry Jones’ claim of going all-in. Parsons expressed his desire for the team to acquire the necessary players and make a comeback next season.

Parsons emphasized the need to acquire the missing players, highlighting the team’s failure to do so in the current season. He hopes that the team will make the necessary changes to improve their performance in the future. This marks a strong statement from Parsons as he looks towards the upcoming season.

The linebacker has voiced his disappointment over the team’s performance in the playoffs and his desire for the necessary reinforcements to ensure a stronger comeback in the next season. This highlights the determination of Parsons and his commitment to the success of the Dallas Cowboys.

This message from Parsons indicates a sense of urgency and determination as the Cowboys look to regroup and improve for the future. His statement serves as a call to action for the team management to address the team’s shortcomings and make the necessary changes to achieve better results in the upcoming season.