Epstein victim names prominent billionaire as trafficker in lawsuit

NEW YORK, NY – A former model who once accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse has now filed a lawsuit against Henry Jarecki, a renowned psychiatrist and billionaire, alleging that he raped her instead of treating her for depression. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in New York, claims that Jarecki, a longtime Yale University professor and co-founder of MovieFone, exploited his position to manipulate and control her.

The woman, identified in court documents as Jane Doe 11, came to the United States in 2010 to pursue a modeling career. She soon found herself entangled in Epstein’s circle, who referred her to Jarecki for a mental health evaluation, describing him as “the best doctor in New York City.” However, the initial consultation allegedly marked the beginning of years of sexual exploitation.

According to the lawsuit, during their first meeting, Jarecki offered Doe an expensive wristwatch instead of medication and then forcibly raped her in his Manhattan home. The complaint details how Jarecki allegedly used his knowledge of her financial and immigration status to exert control over her, eventually moving her into an apartment he owned where she was monitored continuously.

The lawsuit further alleges that Jarecki coerced Doe into performing sex acts as a form of payment for her $5,700 monthly rent, a deal she never agreed to. She was also trafficked to a private Caribbean island for further abuse and forced to have sex with other men. On one occasion, Jarecki allegedly told Doe in front of his wife that she would need to participate in threesomes with him and another young woman.

Doe’s legal battle is complicated by her need to maintain employment to meet visa requirements and pay her lawyers, yet Jarecki allegedly ordered her to refuse job offers. When she failed to meet his demands, he threatened to revoke her visa, send her back to Epstein, and ruin her career.

Jarecki’s lawyer, Sarita Kedia, has denied the allegations, stating that they are “entirely false and baseless” and that Jarecki never engaged in any abusive conduct. Epstein, who was awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges, died in 2019 in a federal jail cell, with his death ruled a suicide amid findings of serious lapses in jail procedures.