European terrorist plot stopped with the quick action of German police

COPENHAGEN, DK – In a significant move against terrorism, authorities in Denmark and Germany have apprehended several individuals suspected of being Hamas members. These individuals were allegedly plotting attacks on Jewish people and institutions in Europe, amidst the escalating Israel-Hamas conflict.

Across Denmark, three arrests were made, with an additional suspect taken into custody in the Netherlands. Although details were sparse, the Danish police suggested that the arrests had connections to overseas criminal gangs, specifically the banned Loyal to Familia, a group infamous for its violent activities and drug trafficking in Copenhagen.

Flemming Drejer, the operational head of Denmark’s Security and Intelligence Service, indicated that Jewish institutions were a focal point in the investigation. Despite the serious nature of the case, Denmark’s terror threat level remains at its second-highest rating, unchanged since 2010.

In the Netherlands, a 57-year-old man was arrested in Rotterdam, as requested by German officials. This followed a decision by the Dutch counterterrorism agency to elevate the country’s threat alert to its second-highest level due to a substantial risk of an attack.

In Germany, authorities arrested three individuals suspected of being Hamas members, who were allegedly planning attacks on Jewish institutions in Europe. Two were detained in Berlin, and another in Rotterdam. The suspects were identified as long-standing members of Hamas, with close ties to the group’s military leadership.

The arrests have drawn global attention, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office commending the Danish police for their actions in preventing a potential attack. The office further emphasized that Israel’s intelligence agencies would continue to work tirelessly to counteract Hamas’s intentions and capabilities.

These arrests highlight the ongoing threat of terrorism in Europe, with the European Union’s home affairs commissioner, Ylva Johansson, recently warning of a significant risk of terrorist attacks over the Christmas holiday period due to the fallout from the fighting in Gaza.