Explosion in rocket factory kills five workers

On Saturday, June 10, 2023, a devastating explosion at a rocket and explosives plant in Ankara, Turkey, resulted in the collapse of a building and the deaths of five workers inside. T

he incident occurred at the facility of the state-owned Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation, and the local governor, Vasip Sahin, confirmed that the likely cause of the blast was a chemical reaction during production.

After the explosion, gray smoke could be seen rising from the compound and a shock wave shattered windows of surrounding homes and businesses.

Family members of the workers rushed to the site, desperately hoping to learn the fate of their loved ones. Tragically, Gov. Sahin confirmed the deaths of all the workers. “We are deeply saddened by this incident,” he said. In the wake of the devastating news, prosecutors have launched an investigation into what caused the explosion.

The Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation is a major supplier of ammunition and explosives to the Turkish military and the tragedy has raised questions about the safety of its workers and the facility.

The families of the workers have been left grieving and seeking answers.