Fani Willis Subpoenaed for Trump Case Amid Alleged Affair Scandal – Full Details Inside!

Atlanta, GA – The Fulton county district attorney, Fani Willis, and Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor in her office, have both been subpoenaed to testify at a 15 February hearing seeking their disqualification from the criminal racketeering case against Donald Trump and 14 others for their efforts to overturn the election. Michael Roman, a co-defendant in the case, is seeking the disqualification of Willis and Wade and a dismissal of the indictment, alleging a romantic relationship between the two, and improper use of funds by Wade for vacations. It is not guaranteed that either will actually testify, as both could seek to quash the subpoena.

While experts generally consider disqualification unlikely, Willis has not directly responded to the allegation and has said she will respond in a court filing that is due on Friday. In addition, Roman filed a new lawsuit accusing Willis’s office of failing to comply with a public records request and failing to turn over records related to the hiring of Wade and other special prosecutors.

According to multiple news outlets, Willis’s office has stated it has provided all the information that Roman and his lawyer, Ashleigh Merchant, have requested. The office also reportedly sent a letter to Merchant on Friday, disagreeing with any implication that they had not met their obligations. Wade was set to testify as part of a divorce case, but settled it on Tuesday evening. Willis had also been subpoenaed in that case.

The situation continues to unfold with numerous legal and professional implications for those involved. Supporters and critics are closely watching the developments of the case, awaiting further responses and decisions from the individuals involved. As the February 15 hearing approaches, ongoing investigations and legal actions will likely continue to impact the trajectory of the case against Donald Trump and the others involved in the election interference allegations.