FBI searches farms for dead bodies linked to mob family

ORANGE COUNTY, NY – Federal authorities are currently examining two farms in Orange County, New York, under suspicion that bodies connected to the infamous Gambino mob family may be buried there. FBI agents combed through the properties with shovels and diggers throughout Tuesday and Wednesday as part of a broader investigation into the crime syndicate.

These developments come in the wake of recent arrests involving ten individuals with ties to the Gambino organization. They were charged with an array of racketeering offenses. Despite finding no bodies as of yet, the FBI is expected to resume their search. Details regarding potential bodies and their connection to the crime family remain undisclosed by authorities.

The farms, under the ownership of Giovanni DiLorenzo, have come under scrutiny following an extensive indictment charging ten alleged Gambino members. These individuals were allegedly using fear and violence to control New York’s trash collection and demolition sectors.

Those accused included Vincent Minsquero, Kyle Johnson, Angelo Gradilone, and charged ringleader Joseph Lanni. Francisco Vicari, Vito Rappa, and Salvatore DiLorenzo were also among those charged. The indictment listed a series of violent assaults and threats initiated by these members as part of an intimidation campaign.

If found guilty, these defendants face varying maximum sentences ranging from 20 to 180 years of imprisonment.

The FBI’s sweeping investigation of the Gambino family, known for its involvement in racketeering, gambling, and loansharking, demonstrates law enforcement’s ongoing commitment to eliminating organized crime. NYPD Commissioner Edward A. Caban maintained that no crime group is safe, and vowed to continue toppling organizations engaged in illicit activities.