FedEx employee dies at work

MEMPHIS, TN – A tragic incident occurred at the FedEx World Hub early Thursday morning, marking the fifth reported death at the complex since 2017. Around 11:21 p.m. on November 29, law enforcement officials reported to the FedEx World Hub on Sprankel Avenue in response to a call about an accidental death.

An employee, believed to be an 80-year-old woman based on reports from other employees and social media postings, suffered severe injuries while working. Subsequently, she was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition where she was ultimately pronounced dead.

It’s the peak season for FedEx, amplifying the heartache for families mourning loved ones who have fallen victim to fatal accidents at the World Hub. Legal representative Jeff Rosenblum, who has clocked considerable experience handling such cases, expressed concern over the frequency of these tragic occurrences.

Highlighting that even one death is too many, Rosenblum emphasized the need for change and urged for an increase in attention to safety standards and practices. The incident steered the spotlight back to the safety of FedEx’s World Hub, where four deaths have been reported over the past six years.

Deaths include Angelo Scott, who passed away one year ago when the UTV he operated collided with an industrial truck. Earlier in 2019, Duntate Young suffered a fatal accident involving a shipping container door. In February, Jessica James perished after the forklift she was maneuvering collapsed on her. In 2017, Ellen Gladney was found deceased under a motorized mobile conveyer belt system.

FedEx has been slapped with fines nearing $50,000 over the past six years for deaths at the Hub. The Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA) discovered serious violations during some investigations, with a number of fines being reduced or waived after FedEx committed to rectifying the identified issues.