Final Exclusive: Kris Jenner’s Heartbreaking Last Words to Nicole Brown Simpson Before Tragic Death

Los Angeles, California – In a recent Lifetime documentary, Kris Jenner shared details of her final conversation with Nicole Brown Simpson before her tragic death at the age of 35. The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family opened up about their last words in the film titled “The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson,” which aired on June 2.

Jenner revealed that she and Nicole were supporting their friend Faye Resnick through her struggles with substance abuse at the time. According to Jenner, the three of them were visiting Resnick in a rehabilitation facility when Nicole made a schedule to ensure someone was there for their friend every day.

The documentary also featured Resnick, who disclosed that she had relapsed just two days before Nicole’s untimely death. She expressed Nicole’s love and concern for her well-being, revealing that Nicole had checked her into the rehab facility. The support system between the three friends demonstrated a strong bond during a challenging time.

Nicole Brown Simpson, who was married to OJ Simpson from 1985 to 1992, tragically lost her life on June 12, 1994, along with her friend Ron Goldman. Nicole had contacted the police multiple times regarding OJ Simpson before her death, highlighting the turbulent nature of their relationship.

Jenner, reflecting on the impact of losing her close friend, expressed the enduring pain of the loss over the years. She recounted the final words exchanged with Nicole before her passing, emphasizing the deep emotional toll of the tragic events surrounding her death.

The Kardashian family’s connection to the Simpsons was further highlighted in the documentary, with Robert Kardashian Sr. serving as one of OJ Simpson’s defense attorneys during the highly-publicized 1995 trial. Their children, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert Kardashian Jr., also shared a close relationship with the Simpsons, referring to OJ as “Uncle OJ” and Nicole as “Auntie Nicole.” The family ties added another layer of complexity to the already sensationalized case.

As Jenner continues to open up about the loss of her friend, the Lifetime documentary sheds light on the personal experiences and relationships surrounding the tragic events of Nicole Brown Simpson’s death. The emotional recounting of the final moments shared between Jenner and Nicole provides insight into the impact of the loss and the enduring memories of a friendship cut short by senseless violence.