FLOODED: New Hampshire’s North Country Devastated by Storm Damage and Rescues

LITTLETON, N.H. – Recent storms have wreaked havoc in parts of New Hampshire’s North Country, causing substantial flooding and widespread damage. Reports have poured in about washed-out roads, fallen trees, downed wires, and the need for multiple rescues in towns like Littleton, Monroe, Dalton, and Lancaster.

In Littleton, the aftermath of the storm left Dells Road flooded, with Dells Brook reaching its capacity. Officials closed off West Main Street north of Dells Road due to possible damage from a microburst, while access to the Littleton Walmart was also affected as Meadows Street was flooded. Emergency responders worked tirelessly as 20 individuals found themselves stranded at the Walmart, requiring rescue efforts to be put in place.

Further south in Dalton, sections of Route 135 took a significant hit, with areas between Union Road and Cushman Brook completely washed out. The gravity of the situation forced officials to shut down Route 135 between the fire station and Bridge Hill Road to ensure public safety.

Lancaster, too, faced the brunt of the storm with a major portion of Route 135 disappearing under floodwaters. Conditions were even worse in the town of Monroe, where extreme damage left some residents trapped with no means of escape. The situation continued to worsen as officials in Pittsburg reported numerous washed-out roads and dangerous debris, cautioning against driving over eroding roadways that could potentially give way.

Fortunately, despite the widespread damage and chaos caused by the storms, there have been no reports of storm-related injuries in Grafton or Coos counties. As recovery efforts continue, several roads in the North Country remain closed due to the extensive damage caused. For the latest updates on road closures and ongoing recovery efforts, residents are encouraged to stay informed through official channels.