Four college instructors stabbed in bloody attack

JILIN, CHINA – On Monday morning, four instructors from Cornell College in the United States sustained injuries in a stabbing incident at Beishan Park, located in Jilin, China. Local law enforcement was swift in apprehending the suspect, capturing a 55-year-old man identified only by his last name, Cui.

Following the attack, the victims were quickly transported to the hospital to treat non-life-threatening injuries. At this time, they are reported to be in stable condition. Cornell College, in a released statement, confirmed it is in contact with the injured instructors and aiding them during this difficult time, emphasizing the absence of students in the program when the incident occurred.

Witnesses say the incident occurred after the suspect bumped into a foreigner while walking in the park. Subsequently, he wielded a knife and attacked the foreigner and three other foreigners. One Chinese tourist who attempted to intervene also fell victim to the assailant’s knife.

Photographs shared on social media showed the grim aftermath of the attack, with victims sprawling on the park pavement and one man visibly covered in blood. David Zabner, one of the attacked instructors, was on his second visit to China with Cornell College.

In an update from David’s brother, Iowa state representative Adam Zabner stated that his brother was recovering well from his injuries. He expressed gratitude for the assistance provided by the US State Department in this matter.