Funeral procession attacked by gunmen in nice suburb of Chicago

Oak Park, a quiet suburb of Chicago, was shocked and shaken on Saturday when a white pickup truck opened fire into a funeral procession.

One vehicle in the procession took multiple shots from the assailants, leaving two people critically injured. Two other passengers in another vehicle in the procession were injured but are in stable condition. Thankfully, no bystanders were harmed in the incident.

The police and other local authorities have been busy since the incident occurred. They have been interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and investigating the shooting further. No suspects have been apprehended.

The police department has received no warnings of risks to the public. However, police Chief Shatonya Johnson stated, “We are making sure that (the public) is safe and there is no additional threat.”

People in the community are facing feelings of anguish and fear. Oak Park residents are shaken by the event, wondering if similar shootings could occur again in the future. Several people from the community have begun questioning their safety and have expressed their feelings on social media.