Gangster convicted for cemetery murder

A Philadelphia jury has convicted a motorcycle gang member, Michael DiMauro, 51, for the brutal murder of a potential recruit of the Warlocks biker gang. The crime took place in 2017, with the victim’s body discovered in a crypt at Mount Moriah Cemetery in southwest Philadelphia. DiMauro, who chose to represent himself in court, was found guilty of a series of charges, including first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse, related to the death of David Rossillo Jr., as announced by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office on Tuesday.

The chilling details of the crime were revealed during the trial. DiMauro had met Rossillo Jr., 33, at the cemetery, where he shot him, tied a rope around his neck, and dragged his body to a crypt. The crypt had been forced open by a car, and it was there that DiMauro dumped Rossillo Jr.’s body. Two witnesses, who cooperated with the investigation, implicated DiMauro in the crime. The jury reached the guilty verdict after only a few hours of deliberation.

The motive behind the gruesome act remains a mystery, according to District Attorney Larry Krasner. DiMauro is slated to receive a life sentence without parole from Judge Charles Ehrlich later this month.

Rossillo Jr. had been missing for nearly three years before investigators discovered his body, along with another victim, in the same crypt in April 2020.

The second victim was identified as Keith Palumbo, a 36-year-old musician from Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Another member of the Warlocks gang, Michael DeLuca, confessed to Palumbo’s murder in January. The reason for this murder is also unclear, Krasner stated, emphasizing his dedication to solving the cold cases.

DiMauro and DeLuca were apprehended in September 2020. Assistant District Attorney Robert Wainwright commended the relentless efforts of now-retired Philadelphia Police Detective Joe Bamberski in solving the cases. He expressed satisfaction in being able to deliver some justice and peace to the families of the victims.