Garland Denies Speaking to Hunter Biden at White House Dinner – Shocking Revelation Uncovered!

Washington, D.C. – Attorney General Merrick Garland faced questioning from GOP Rep. Ben Cline regarding his alleged interactions with Hunter Biden during a state dinner at the White House in May. Garland firmly stated that he has never spoken to the president’s son. The exchange took place during a hearing concerning the Department of Justice’s handling of the criminal investigation involving Hunter Biden.

Despite persistent grilling from Cline about the DOJ’s management of the case, Garland maintained his stance that he cannot comment on ongoing legal matters. He also refuted accusations of obstruction in the investigation into Hunter Biden, asserting that there was no such interference on his part.

Adding to the scrutiny, Cline referenced claims made by IRS whistleblowers alleging departures from standard investigative procedures in the case. Garland responded by stating his lack of knowledge about the whistleblowers and assured that special counsel David Weiss would provide further details on the matter during testimony.

In response to accusations suggesting a connection between the appointment of Weiss as special counsel and the expiration of certain statute of limitations in the case, Garland dismissed any correlation. He emphasized that his decision to appoint Weiss was unrelated to the timing of any legal limitations.

Garland’s testimony shed light on the complexities surrounding the DOJ’s role in high-profile investigations and reaffirmed his commitment to upholding legal procedures. The questioning underscored the ongoing scrutiny faced by officials in navigating politically sensitive cases, highlighting the challenges of maintaining transparency and integrity within the justice system.