Grandpa killed for blocking the aisle on public bus

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – A tragic altercation on a public bus in the state of Colorado last week resulted in the loss of a grandfather’s life. The alleged murderer is a boy aged just 13 years, according to recent reports.

The dispute primarily involved the now-deceased Richard Sanchez, aged 60. The Colorado native was riding a city bus operated by Regional Transportation District (RTD) last Saturday when an argument ensued between him and another passenger, the unnamed youth. Sanchez was shot dead just a few blocks away from his residence.

The deadly incident transpired around 6:41 p.m. at an intersection near the Denver Broncos’ home, the Empower Field at Mile High Stadium. Upon being alerted of the incident, emergency services rushed to Sanchez’s aid, but sadly, he was declared dead at the hospital.

A secondary victim of the incident suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene without requiring hospitalization.

Authorities arrested the young offender on Thursday, less than a week after the shooting. The latest information from the Denver Police Department indicates that the fatal confrontation between Sanchez and the young boy arose from a disagreement about Sanchez’s leg obstructing the bus aisle.

The family of Sanchez remained oblivious to his tragic end until Monday, as they omitted notifying them until they filed a missing person report. Grandson Joseph Chavez expressed his sorrow over the heartless killing, recounting Sanchez as always joyful. The 13-year-old suspect is now being held on investigation for first-degree murder charges.