Gruesome Discovery: Human Remains Found in Ex-Convict’s Former Residence

Johnstown, Pennsylvania – Human remains were discovered in the former residence of a man recently found guilty of murder in the death of his wife, Pennsylvania authorities reported. Brian Giles, aged 48, had lived with his wife, Nancy Giles, in an apartment at the Johnstown house before she went missing in October 2018. Her remains were later found in May 2019 in a shallow grave near a trail on the Inclined Plane hillside in downtown Johnstown.

Following the conviction of Brian Giles for first-degree murder and aggravated assault in the death of Nancy Giles, authorities began searching his former residence in Johnstown’s Kernville section after receiving a tip about a possible body. Coroner Jeffrey Lees confirmed the discovery of human remains in the basement, describing the death as “highly suspicious.” He vowed to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause and manner of death.

During the murder trial, prosecutors highlighted evidence suggesting that Brian Giles was verbally abusive to his wife and restricted her access to a cellphone. The prosecution argued that Giles had the motive, opportunity, and means to commit the crime and took steps to cover his tracks, including disposing of the body and misleading law enforcement.

In a dramatic turn of events, authorities revealed that Giles’ girlfriend, Jilly Todaro, who lived with him after Nancy’s disappearance, went missing in December 2020. Todaro’s whereabouts remain unknown, and officials have not confirmed whether the current search is related to her case. No charges have been filed in connection with Todaro’s disappearance.

As the investigation continues, Coroner Lees announced that the human remains found at Giles’ former residence would undergo further forensic examination at Mercyhurst University in Erie. Identifying the remains is a top priority, and Lees stated that more information and test results would be needed before determining the cause and manner of death.

Defense attorney Timothy Burns, who represented Brian Giles during the trial, declined to comment on the discovery of the remains. The case has captivated the local community and raised questions about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Nancy Giles and the disappearance of Jilly Todaro. Authorities remain dedicated to unraveling the mysteries surrounding these tragic events and ensuring that justice is served.