Gun Case: President Biden’s Son Heads to Trial, First Lady Shows Support – What Happens Next Will Shock You!

Wilmington, Delaware – The federal gun trial of Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, commenced with jury selection on Monday. This comes after a plea deal fell through, leading to a trial so close to the 2024 election. First Lady Jill Biden showed her support by being present in the courtroom.

President Biden expressed his affection for his son, stating his confidence and respect for Hunter’s resilience. Hunter Biden, facing felony charges for a 2018 firearm purchase during a struggle with addiction, maintains his innocence. He argues unfair targeting by the Justice Department, following criticism from Republicans regarding the abandoned plea deal.

Coinciding with former President Donald Trump’s recent convictions in New York City, these cases highlight the criminal court’s prominence in the upcoming election. Potential jurors in Delaware were questioned on their impartiality, with some expressing bias based on media reports.

The trial’s focus is on Hunter Biden’s personal struggles, not his business affairs, refuting baseless accusations of corruption from Republicans. Concerns arise for President Biden’s well-being as he witnesses his son’s past mistakes publicized. Amidst campaign preparations and low poll numbers, the trial could pose a distraction for the president.

Hunter Biden’s legal team intends to challenge the addiction narrative, potentially leading to a lesser sentence if convicted. As proceedings unfold, the trial’s impact on the Biden family remains a subject of concern. The uncertainty of Hunter Biden’s fate and its implications for the upcoming election add a layer of complexity to the ongoing legal battle.