Gunmen open fire on neighborhood, 10-year-old shot

CHICAGO, IL – A community is left reeling as a 10-year-old boy sustains serious injuries after an incident where three gunmen fired into a South Side residence he shares with his family. The shocking incident has shaken the neighborhood, prompting concerns for the safety of children. “A 10-year-old getting shot, this doesn’t usually happen around here. Nobody should harm kids, that’s unacceptable. He hasn’t even had a chance,” expressed Dorell Powell, a resident of the Burnside neighborhood.

Following emergency surgery on Friday night, the young victim remains in serious but stable condition. Authorities are actively searching for those responsible for the shooting. The incident unfolded on Friday evening, just after 7:30 p.m., in the 1100 block of East 91st Street. Daylight revealed the bullet-riddled windows of the affected house, a grim testament to the violence that occurred within.

Residents initially mistook the gunshots for fireworks but quickly realized the gravity of the situation as police cars descended on the scene. The victim’s neighbor, Marvin Johnson, explained, “But then, when we saw the police cars driving up, then we knew it was a little more than firecrackers than what occurred.”

Upon arrival, officers discovered that the young boy had been shot in the left side of his chest. Chicago fire officials reported that police rushed the child to a nearby hospital in a squad car. Meanwhile, the gunmen managed to escape the scene.

Community activist Andrew Holmes took to the neighborhood on Saturday afternoon to gather information about the shooting. He expressed relief that the victim’s siblings and other relatives in the home were unharmed. Holmes believes the child was likely not the intended target and questioned the senselessness of the attack.

The family’s landlord revealed that they have resided in the home for seven years. Although there have been some issues with older children, nobody expected such a tragic event to occur. Residents of the area expressed sadness over the child’s ordeal and called for increased focus on youth well-being.

Authorities are hoping that nearby security cameras might provide crucial leads in identifying the shooters. As the young boy recovers, no suspects are in custody, and the investigation led by Area Two detectives continues.