Halo DDG is the Spitting Image of His Famous Dad in First-Ever Pics Released in Italy Vacation Glamour Shoot!

Los Angeles, California- Halle Bailey, the Little Mermaid actress, and her partner, rapper DDG, recently shared adorable pictures of their baby boy, Halo, for the first time. The young family was seen enjoying a vacation in Italy, with Halo dressed in a cute white Dolce & Gabbana onesie, matching shoes, and Bailey and DDG looking delighted in the photos.

Bailey’s carousel post featured the trio posing on a deck against the backdrop of the ocean, capturing joyful moments. In another post, DDG showcased a close-up of Halo, showcasing similarities between the father and son as DDG mimicked Halo’s pretend crying look in one of the images.

Fans were thrilled to catch a glimpse of Halo’s face, expressing their excitement in the comments section. Bailey and DDG had kept a low profile of their son since his birth on January 6, gradually revealing more about him on social media over time. Bailey recently shared Halo’s latest milestone of his teeth coming out during the 2024 BET Awards.

In an exclusive interview, Bailey expressed her joy and gratitude for motherhood, emphasizing how much she adores her son. The couple has been together since early 2022, confirming their relationship months later, and have now joyfully shared their son’s precious moments with the world. The heartwarming pictures have captured the hearts of fans, showcasing the love and happiness within this young family.