Health: ‘Monarch health bombshell: King Charles III diagnosed with cancer, cancels public appearances’

LONDON, UK – King Charles III, 75, has been diagnosed with cancer and will be reducing public appearances as he undergoes treatment, Buckingham Palace announced Monday. This departure from the past, where the monarchy often concealed royal health issues, has surprised many royal experts.

The palace revealed that the cancer was found during a hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, but did not specify the stage of the cancer. Although the statement did confirm that the king did not have prostate cancer, further details about his treatment and prognosis were not disclosed.

The news comes soon after King Charles underwent a corrective procedure for an enlarged prostate. As he begins regular treatments, the palace has advised him to postpone public duties to focus on his health. The king’s decision to share his diagnosis was aimed at dispelling any speculation about his condition and providing understanding for those affected by cancer.

Before becoming king, Charles was a patron of numerous cancer-related charities, and the announcement of his diagnosis reflects his commitment to supporting cancer patients, their families, and healthcare professionals. Despite not sharing further details about his treatment, the king has returned to London to continue his care as an outpatient.

The announcement has sparked discussion about the changing approach to royal health disclosures, as experts note that previous monarchs’ illnesses were often kept secret from the public. Charles ascended the throne last May following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned for 70 years.

While the king focuses on his treatment, his wife, Queen Camilla, will carry out her full public duties. The palace also emphasized that no counsellors of state will be appointed, indicating that the king will continue to perform his duties despite his illness.

In response to the news, a source close to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed that Harry plans to visit his father in the coming days. The couple, who stepped back from their roles as senior royals in 2020, has maintained a residence in California and has visited Britain sparingly in recent years.

This announcement marks a significant moment for the royal family, as King Charles III takes a step back from public life to focus on his health, while the monarchy continues to adapt to changing attitudes towards the disclosure of royal health issues.