Heatwave Alert: Northern California Fourth of July Forecast and Fire Danger Update – Everything You Need to Know

As the heat wave continues in Northern California, the region is facing high fire risks with several wildfires burning. KCRA 3 has declared the Fourth of July as an Alert Day due to the dangerous heat and elevated fire danger. Alert Days are expected to last through Sunday. Evacuations are in place near Oroville for the Thompson Fire and south of Placerville for the Moccasin Fire. While some progress has been made against the Moccasin Fire, evacuation orders for the Thompson Fire have been reduced. Notably, Oroville’s Fourth of July fireworks celebration has been canceled, and safe-and-sane fireworks are banned in the city. In a show of support, native Aaron Rodgers has donated $100,000 to fire evacuees in collaboration with the North Valley Community Foundation.

Throughout the region, temperatures are expected to soar on the Fourth of July. By 1 p.m., parts of the Sacramento Valley may experience triple-digit weather, similar to Wednesday’s peak of 108 degrees in some areas. As a high-pressure dome of hot air lingers over California, hot temperatures will persist through Sunday, with Friday and Saturday expected to be slightly hotter at 107-110 degrees. Meteorologist Dirk Verdoorn noted that Saturday’s forecast high of 110 degrees is five degrees above the record high of 105 degrees.

Looking ahead, next week will bring continued hot weather, albeit slightly less intense with highs in the 101-104 range from Monday onward. Alert Days are forecasted through Sunday, followed by Impact Days from Monday to Wednesday. The heat wave is expected to ease somewhat as the high-pressure dome moves away, allowing for a bit of relief from the scorching temperatures. Fires remain a major concern in the region, with new blazes cropping up in different areas, prompting evacuation orders and warnings. Air quality may also be affected depending on proximity to wildfires.

As the heat wave persists, residents are urged to stay informed and take necessary precautions to stay safe. Resources such as cooling centers and public pools are available for those seeking relief from the extreme temperatures. Additionally, being prepared for power outages and road closures is essential during this time. Stay updated on wildfire incidents and power outages by utilizing online resources and official websites. Remember to follow safety guidelines to protect yourself, your loved ones, and pets during the hot summer weather.