Hunter Schafer Wishes to Move on From Trans Identity – Find Out Why!

Los Angeles, California – Rising star Hunter Schafer recently expressed her desire to shift the public’s focus away from her trans identity. In a cover story for GQ magazine, Schafer shared her reluctance to even mention the word “trans” in interviews, emphasizing her wish to be seen simply as a girl moving forward.

Reflecting on her high school activism challenging North Carolina’s House Bill 2, Schafer explained how she felt pressured to make her art a response to the political situation, despite her desire to explore different themes as a visual artist, fashion designer, actress, and model.

Despite the intentional shift away from being solely defined by her trans identity, Schafer acknowledged the ongoing challenge of avoiding being labeled as solely a “Transsexual Actress” in media coverage. She emphasized the importance of moving beyond this narrow focus to fully embrace her multifaceted identity and career.

In the GQ profile, Schafer also shared her deep sense of loss following the tragic death of fellow Euphoria actor Angus Cloud, who passed away last summer from an accidental drug overdose at the age of 25. She described Cloud as a beloved friend and integral part of the Euphoria cast, highlighting his pure and angelic nature.

The loss of Cloud marked a new and challenging experience for Schafer, who had never before mourned the passing of a close friend her age. She expressed the surreal and devastating impact of his death, underscoring the profound sense of grief and disbelief that accompanied the tragedy.

In addition to navigating personal loss, Schafer continues to excel in her career, pushing boundaries and advocating for greater recognition beyond her trans identity. With a commitment to authenticity and creative expression, Schafer strives to redefine expectations and celebrate the complexity of her artistry and humanity.