Husband on the run after killing his wife in front of their son

BALCH SPRINGS, TX – The search is on for Luis Pardo, 38, accused of stabbing his wife to death in their home in Balch Springs, Texas. The ordeal unfolded in front of their 3-year-old son and their 7-year-old nephew, according to the police. Pardo’s vehicle was later found abandoned near the border, furthering speculation that he may have fled to Mexico.

The victim, 34-year-old Hilda Gurrola, was planning to leave Pardo after a 14-year relationship when the incident happened. “She didn’t want to be with him anymore. She didn’t feel like the love was there anymore, that his character had changed so much, and that she just didn’t want to do it anymore,” Gurrola’s sister, Gricelda Gurrola Llanas, said.

On the day of the brutal attack, Gurrola and her children were packing to leave their home when Pardo apparently manipulated her into coming inside the house. Tragically, as per her sisters’ recounts, Pardo lured her in with the pretense of getting some shoes, subsequently ambushed her in the space between the kitchen’s washer and dryer and stabbed her multiple times.

Despite Gurrola’s desperate attempts to fend off the attacker, she was reportedly stabbed at least 14 times and succumbed to her injuries. Pardo fled the crime scene before police arrived and is still at large.

The tragedy leaves the couple’s three children- a boy, 3, and two girls aged 10 and 12- dealing with the horrific loss of their mother while their father is on the run. It also transpired that their move to Fredericksburg, Texas, had been delayed due to Pardo pestering Gurrola to return and collect their belongings, the point at which the fatal incident occurred.

Balch Springs police notified Child Protective Services about the violent incident. There had previously been a call to CPS concerning Pardo and his family, the details of which are still being clarified by the police. Anyone with information on Pardo’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Balch Spring Police Department immediately.