Indiana teen dead after shootout with police

UNION CITY, IN – A tragic incident unfolded in Union City, Indiana, when a 19-year-old man, Brayden Barnhouse, was fatally shot after firing at sheriff’s deputies. The initial response by the deputies was to a drug overdose report involving the young man.

Relatives informed the Randolph County Sheriff’s Deputies that Barnhouse, who was initially reported to have overdosed, had left the residence and was believed to be on foot nearby. Approximately 20 minutes after this exchange, deputies located Barnhouse near an intersection in New Pittsburg. There, a tense situation escalated when Barnhouse brandished a handgun and shot at the officers. In retaliation, two deputies fired back, resulting in one of them sustaining a minor injury, which was treated at the spot.

Consistent with standard procedures, the two deputies involved have been placed on administrative leave. This will remain in effect pending the outcome of an investigation spearheaded by the state police, which will subsequently be reviewed by a legal prosecutor to determine the next steps. The community awaits further details on the case, as it has not only lost a young life but also grapples with the broader implications of such tragic incidents.