Investment Banker’s Violent Assault Caught on Video in Brooklyn: Shocking Footage Emerges and Sparks Outrage

Brooklyn, New York – A disturbing incident unfolded on a Brooklyn street during the Brooklyn Pride celebration in Park Slope when a millionaire investment banker allegedly punched a woman in the face. The shocking altercation was captured on video, showing the man delivering a violent blow to the woman, causing her to fall to the ground. The assailant was identified as Jonathan Kaye, a managing director at Moelis & Co., according to social media users.

The video, which went viral with nearly 5 million views, depicted the aftermath of the attack, with the woman visibly injured on the ground. While the footage did not capture the events leading up to the assault, it showed Kaye walking away from the scene as spectators reacted to the violence.

Following the incident, a spokesperson for Moelis & Co. confirmed that an employee was involved in a serious incident and that an investigation was underway. However, the company did not disclose whether Kaye was the employee in question or if any disciplinary action was being taken.

Reportedly, the woman suffered a broken nose from the punch, while another individual sustained injuries to their arm. Despite the public outcry and condemnation of his actions, Kaye declined to provide a comment on the matter.

Kaye, who has been overseeing the Global Business Services franchise at Moelis & Co. since 2013, has a background in finance, previously working at Citi Bank. The incident occurred in the upscale neighborhood of Park Slope, just blocks away from a well-known lesbian bar, highlighting the stark contrast between the peaceful Pride celebration and the violent act that unfolded.

The altercation took place amidst the Brooklyn Pride Multicultural Festival, an annual event that draws thousands of attendees for a day of festivities, including a 5K run and a colorful parade along Fifth Avenue. The incident has sparked outrage and raised concerns about safety and violence in public spaces, prompting discussions about accountability and consequences for such behavior.