Jenni Rivera’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Vandalized Twice in Less Than Two Weeks – Fans Rally to Clean Up the Mess!

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES – The Hollywood Walk of Fame has seen not one, but multiple instances of vandalism on the star belonging to the late Mexican American singer, Jenni Rivera, less than two weeks after its dedication. Rivera, known as “La Diva de la Banda,” was honored posthumously with a star alongside other iconic figures like Selena Quintanilla and Heinie Conklin.

The vandalism, which involved black paint being splattered on Rivera’s star, sparked outrage among fans who swiftly took action to clean up the mess. One fan, Debbie Ochoa, expressed her disappointment upon discovering the defaced star during a visit to Southern California. Despite the setback, Ochoa and other fans joined forces to restore the star to its former glory.

Rivera’s daughter, Jacqie, personally reached out to Ochoa and her family to express her gratitude for their efforts in cleaning up the star. Both Rivera’s and Selena’s stars were targeted again with black spray paint in a separate incident on Tuesday, leaving officials scrambling to address the vandalism.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce assured the public that professionals were being called in to clean the stars and restore them to their original condition. However, details regarding the perpetrator or the motive behind the vandalism remain scarce. The community’s united response to the vandalism serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of these celebrated artists on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.