JLo Scandal Explodes Ahead of Saturday Night Live

Los Angeles, CA – Fans are rallying behind “Saturday Night Live” host Ayo Edebiri after a resurfaced clip of the actor making controversial comments about Jennifer Lopez’s singing career. The clip, from 2020, shows Edebiri calling Lopez’s career “one long scam” and suggesting that the singer may not actually perform on many of her songs.

Ahead of Edebiri’s hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” with musical guest Jennifer Lopez, TMZ re-shared the clip, sparking a wave of support for the actor. Some fans took to social media to defend Edebiri, while others pointed out that rumors about Lopez’s singing abilities have been circulating for years.

Edebiri is not the only person to question Lopez’s vocal abilities, with other artists like Ashanti and Christina Milian also claiming to have provided vocals for Lopez’s music. Despite the controversy, Lopez has previously brushed off accusations about her singing and has had a successful career in both music and acting.

The resurfacing of the clip has sparked debate among fans, with some supporting Edebiri and others coming to Lopez’s defense. As the “Saturday Night Live” episode featuring Edebiri and Lopez approaches, it remains to be seen whether the controversy will be addressed on the show.

Representatives for Edebiri and Lopez have not yet commented on the situation. The episode is expected to air as scheduled, bringing the conversation about Lopez’s singing talents into the spotlight once again.