Jogger accidentally finds dead man’s body in nearby river

In San Antonio, a man’s remains were discovered in a river near the King William District. The man, in his sixties, was found submerged in the water.

The chilling discovery was made by a jogger on Friday, around 4 p.m. The man’s body was fully clothed, wearing steel-toe boots. Only his head was visible when sunlight hit the water surface, according to the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD).

The circumstances surrounding the discovery have raised several questions. It’s unusual for a body to stand upright in a river rather than float. Firefighters conducted a check to find out if the body was anchored in some way by vegetation, but they only found cement nearby.

Considering the depth of the river, about six feet, the police found the situation suspicious. This prompted them to involve the Homicide Unit in the case. A thorough investigation is being conducted to shed light on the mystery.

Upon extraction of the body, no visible signs of forced trauma or injury were found, according to police reports. The medical examiner’s office is set to take custody of the remains and will proceed with notifying the next of kin before the man’s identity is publicly revealed.