Julia Roberts’ Chest-Scratching Scandal: Nikki Glaser’s Parents Issue Apology for Shocking Comments

Kansas City, Missouri – Comedian Nikki Glaser’s parents, Edward and Julie Glaser, recently issued an apology for their comments regarding movie star Julia Roberts and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who is also known as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.

The pair’s daughter shared a video of them reacting to Roberts and Kelce interacting during a Dublin stop on Swift’s Eras Tour. In the video, Julie described Roberts as “gross,” while Edward commented on the “weird” scratching. Their comments sparked controversy, leading them to issue a lighthearted apology through their daughter’s social media post.

Despite the backlash, the Glasers found humor in the situation, with Julie clarifying that she meant to say “weird” instead of “gross.” The parents laughed off news stories about their comments and joked about media misinterpretations.

In a more casual conversation, Julie expressed admiration for Roberts as an actress but described her as a “terrible flirt.” Edward added humor to the situation, emphasizing that media outlets had missed some of his more light-hearted comments about the interaction between Roberts and Kelce.

While some Taylor Swift fans shared similar sentiments about the interaction between Roberts and Kelce, the Glasers maintained that the physical interaction they witnessed was not something they would do themselves.

Overall, the Glaser family’s playful banter over the viral moment involving Roberts, Kelce, and Swift showcased their humorous approach to the situation, highlighting the power of social media in spreading celebrity interactions and public reactions.