**Jury**: 7 Jurors Seated in Trump’s Hush Money Trial – Here’s What Happened Today

New York, NY – Seven jurors have been selected for the hush money trial involving former President Donald Trump in Manhattan. The court is taking a break on Wednesday, with jury selection set to resume on Thursday until a panel of 12 New Yorkers and potential six alternates is finalized.

Before the seating of the jury on Tuesday, candidates underwent a questionnaire phase where they were interviewed by both the district attorney’s office and Trump’s legal team. Throughout the process, Trump was observed casually flipping through the jury questionnaire as he reclined in his chair.

Trump’s legal team raised concerns about several potential jurors, citing reasons such as social media posts as grounds for dismissal. Both sides are allowed 10 peremptory strikes to remove jurors without explanation, with each party utilizing six such strikes. This leaves each side with four remaining strikes.

Challenges arose during the juror selection process, with a prospective juror dismissed for making social media posts with anti-Trump sentiments. Another candidate was struck from the pool for sharing negative content about Trump on social media, while a third was questioned about past disagreements with Trump but ultimately allowed to remain in the pool.

The seated jurors include an oncology nurse, a corporate lawyer, and an English teacher, among others. Additionally, the presiding judge issued a stern warning to Trump for his reaction to a potential juror, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a fair and unbiased courtroom environment.

Looking ahead, a new group of 96 potential jurors was sworn in on Tuesday and dismissed until Thursday morning for further consideration. The trial continues to progress as the jury selection process advances in the case against Trump.