Kesha Drops New Single “Joyride” on Own Label – First Release After Kemosabe Split!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Kesha, the renowned pop star, has recently released her new single “Joyride” in 2024. This marks her first single to be launched under her very own label, Kesha Records. The track, co-written by Kesha herself along with Zhone and Madison Love, was first performed live in June at Brooklyn’s Planet Pride and now has an official studio version.

The release of “Joyride” signifies a milestone for Kesha, signifying her independence after a tumultuous relationship with Kemosabe, the label owned by super-producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald. Following her 2017 album, “Rainbow,” and subsequent release, “High Road,” Kesha’s 2023 album, “Gag Order,” was also released in partnership with RCA under Kemosabe (without the involvement of Dr. Luke). Notably, Kesha and Dr. Luke recently settled a lengthy defamation lawsuit, bringing an end to their legal battle concerning her sexual assault allegations in 2014.

Following the liberation from her contract with Kemosabe, Kesha is scheduled to headline the Wawa Welcome America Festival in Philadelphia and later perform at Lollapalooza with an afterparty concert in the summer. Fans can also catch her at Mexico City’s Festival Hera HSBC.

The lyric video for “Joyride” accompanies the release, adding an artistic visual dimension to the exhilarating track. This single release comes as a significant moment in Kesha’s career as she continues to navigate her identity and creativity in the music industry, embracing her independence and creative control.

Kesha’s resilience and artistic evolution shine through in “Joyride,” showcasing her continued growth as an artist and her unwavering spirit in the face of challenges. As she takes the stage at various festivals and concerts, fans eagerly anticipate more empowering music and memorable performances from the iconic pop star.