Kojima Productions Announces New Action Espionage Game ‘Physint’ during State of Play Stream – Details Inside!

Tokyo, Japan – Hideo Kojima, the renowned creator of Metal Gear Solid, has announced the development of a new action espionage game during a recent State of Play stream. The game, with the working title ‘Physint’, is set to be a new intellectual property that Kojima described as both a movie and a game.

While details about the project are currently limited, Kojima expressed confidence that this new game will be the culmination of his work. He aims to push the boundaries between film and video games, blurring the lines between the two mediums. The production, in partnership with Sony, is expected to commence after the creation of Death Stranding 2, and the release is anticipated for PlayStation 5.

In a tweet, Kojima revealed that ‘Physint’ will be Kojima Productions’ third new original intellectual property. The game, described as a completely new ‘Action Espionage’ for the next generation, is being developed with cutting-edge technology and talents from both film and video games. Kojima also highlighted that the game will have near life-like graphics, promising an experience like no other.

Kojima, well-known for creating the Metal Gear franchise, is also involved in several other projects. These include the development of Death Stranding 2, a new IP in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios, and an adaptation of the original Death Stranding into a film by A24. With these projects, Kojima is continuing to make significant contributions to the world of interactive entertainment.

The announcement of the new game came during a State of Play stream that also featured more information on Rise of the Ronin, Stellar Blade, and Kojima’s own Death Stranding 2. This new development underscores Kojima’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling and entertainment in both the gaming and film industries.